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Speaking Worldwide

For many years I have given life-changing presentations on spirituality, Divine incarnations, Extra-terrestrials and have helped people fulfill their dreams of living their passion. It would be my pleasure to come to your event and provide a fresh, power-packed experience catered to your theme.

Spiritual Readings

In person or by phone

​Do you need a different perspective about your life or clarity about what is the best decision to make for something BIG? With my many years of intuitive work, I can help you shift to the space needed so you can reach your deserved fulfillment.

Spiritual/Life Coaching

In person or by phone

New on the spiritual path and looking for guidance or the “how-to’s” of planting your feet on the Earth while reaching for the stars?

I have helped many others just like you find their way toward spiritual liberation and bliss by doing what they love as a celebration of their life’s purpose.

Dark Entity Removal

In person or by phone

Do you have squatters in your house not paying rent, causing you nothing but trouble?

I know that unwanted visitors can be a pain and a strain.

If they are not welcomed . . . THEY ARE NOT WELCOMED!

I can provide you with an arsenal of information to help you exterminate any spiritual pest that may be bothering you, the well-being of your family, house and home.

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