Rev. Katie Kamara

WHO IS KATIE KAMARA?! Rev. Katie Kamara, ORDM Holistic Wellbeing Consultant | Advocate | Educator | Spiritual Teacher & Ordained Minister | Entrepreneur | Social Media Influencer | Radio Host | Author of 12 books | Motivational Speaker | Humanitarian | Survivor 💜

About Katie

Born in Australia and permanently based in the USA, Rev. Katie Kamara engages and captivates a rapidly growing global audience of over 3.6 million annually with her dynamic presence. Celebrated for her multifaceted contributions to alternative metaphysical science, journalism, public speaking, illustration, and soulful emotional therapy, she is a beacon of inspiration for many. Driven by a profound passion for humanitarian causes, 

Katie effortlessly melds her expertise with an unwavering commitment to positively impacting the world. Her dedication to personal and collective growth resonates in every project she undertakes, solidifying her reputation as a beacon of inspiration for countless individuals around the globe. As a staunch advocate for Human Rights, Access to Justice, Healthy Interpersonal Relationships, Trauma Healing, and Empowerment, Katie guides individuals toward transcending adversity and realizing their fullest potential, liberated from the confines of victimhood. 

Harnessing her expertise in applied social sciences, psychology, and traditional and alternative therapies, Katie is a business leader, healer, and motivational speaker. Her holistic approach underscores the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul. A highly sought-after speaker and collaborator, Katie works alongside leading experts in consciousness studies, spirituality, personal growth, psychology, health, and innovative philosophies. She is committed to elevating individual, social, and global awareness, believing that an enlightened audience catalyzes the continuous transformation of both conscious and subconscious thought. Guided by her empathic abilities and spiritual insights, Katie has emerged as a beacon of guidance for those searching for inspiration, motivation, and healing. 

Beyond her literary accomplishments, Katie’s versatility shines as she contributes to an array of disciplines. Rejecting narrow specialization, she embraces a transdisciplinary, holistic approach to learning and exploration. Katie’s work spans a broad spectrum, from general topics to metaphysics, parapsychology, and psychospirituality. Integrating alternative medicine, humanistic psychology, and metacognition, she delves into meta-psychoanalysis to decode the complexities of human behavior and the subconscious forces that mold our psyche. Through attentive observation and psychoanalytic methods, Katie offers insights that transcend disciplinary boundaries, illuminating broader social, cultural, and political phenomena. 

Committed to clarity, introspection, and challenging societal and cultural taboos, Katie fearlessly navigates the intricacies of the human psyche, striving to facilitate personal growth and enlightenment, even in the face of uncertainty. Her life’s mission is to leave no stone unturned in her quest to understand and empower others. Her intention is not to trigger but to provide insight and understanding, guiding individuals on their healing journey. Through her work, Katie encourages self-reflection and offers tools for transformation, empowering individuals to embrace their potential and find healing and balance in their lives. Since 2012, Katie Kamara has assumed various leadership roles that reflect her diverse expertise and commitment to holistic well-being and spiritual growth. 

She has served as the Head of Education and Online Communications and as a Board Member and Clergy at Universal Christ Church. Additionally, Katie is the Principal Owner and Founder of Soma Fusion- Mind, Body & Soul LLC and Soma Fusion Media LLC (now known as Kamara Holistic Connections). 

She has been the Managing Director and Lecturer at Sumaris Education Center. As a multifaceted entrepreneur, Katie is the founder, talk show host, executive producer, and book publisher of Soma Fusion Media LLC, as well as the founder of Soma Fusion – Mind, Body & Soul LLC. She is also a Co-founder and partner at the Center of Light Foundation (501c), where she contributes to initiatives promoting spiritual awareness and personal development. 

Katie’s humanitarian efforts extend globally as she serves as the Patron of the Katie Kamara Healing Centre in Uganda, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to positively impacting communities worldwide. Through these roles, Katie Kamara continues to inspire, educate, and empower individuals on their journeys toward personal and collective growth. 

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